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When Free Isn't Free: The realities of running open source in school
Most schools now use open-source software use primarily in back-office functions, such as the Apache Web server and Drupal content management for Web sites, says Hargadon. (OSS) is slowly becoming more visible in schools, however, in applications such as the Firefox browser, which requires minimal user adjustment, and Moodle, the popular Web-based open-source-curriculum alternative to Blackboard, which many schools simply cannot afford, he says. “Moodle has bridged the chasm,” Hargadon says. “Everyone might not be using it yet, but there isn’t a district IT director who doesn’t know about it."

Moodle &/or ELGG &/or Drupal
Offering class sites in both Drupal and Moodle will allow instructors to choose the tool that works best for them. To generalize, Drupal sites offer a greater degree of flexibility in crafting a learning environment — some users make the case that class sites in Drupal feel more student-centered than class sites in Moodle. This flexibility, however, comes at a cost. From a sysadmin perspective, Moodle is easier to maintain than Drupal. Additionally, some users claim that the focused UI of Moodle is easier for users who are not tech-savvy. The ease of use caveat, however, is directed more at teachers than at students. Students thrive in either Drupal or Moodle.

Bad News for Blackboard, Good News for Moodle
The American Association of Community College’s Instructional Technology Council (ITC) has just published its 2007 Distance Education Survey Results, covering data from 154 U.S. community colleges. (Among the findings:) Blackboard is losing market share rapidly; Moodle doubled it’s market share in the past 12 months and now has the highest market share after Blackboard/WebCT in this market segment. It seems that the recent merger of Blackboard-WebCt in February 2006 and a substantial increase in fees may have prompted a growing number of colleges to review their learning management system (LMS) commitments. Thirty-one percent of the respondents indicated they were considering switching from their current LMS. Although licensed LMS solutions prevail, Moodle, an open-source solution, reflected a doubling of its share in one year.

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